S C H O O L    V I S I T S

 Denise Ortakales showing a class of school children on of her three-dimensional paper sculptures.

Presentations: Presentations typically last 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the age group, and include a Q & A period if time permits. I usually bring one or two pieces of art from my latest book to share, as well as sketches and reference material. An age appropriate book is usually read to younger groups.

I like to brainstorm with schools to come up with the most relevant presentations for their student body. Some of my topics include—My Journey, Illustrating Picture Books, Illustration as a Career, Where do Ideas Come From, and more. Small group workshops are also a possibility.


Following these guidelines helps me to do my very best and makes for a rewarding day for everyone.

  • Small group settings are ideal. Maximum of 75 children per session. I prefer the coziness of a classroom over an auditorium.
  • Grade levels of similar age should be grouped together.
  • Maximum of four presentations a day.
  • Programs approx. 45-50 minutes long depending on the age group. 30 minutes may be best for Kindergarten and/or First Grade.
  • I prefer to be scheduled in one room rather than move all my equipment.
  • A 15 minute break between programs is appreciated.
  • Lunch should be provided. Cafeteria food is fine.
  • Books sales and signings are welcomed but not required. Info will be provided with your confirmation.
  • Please provide the following: Table, chair, bottled water, two easels, and a screen and projector for Power Point if possible. For larger spaces, a microphone may be required.
  • I request that the teachers remain present during my presentation, so they can later reinforce what is learned.


$500/day plus hotel, meal, and travel expenses. Mileage at .50 a mile will be charged beyond 50 miles from Laconia, NH and accommodations and travel arrangements if an overnight stay is involved.

Booking an Appearance

Email me to set up a date. After a date is confirmed, I will send you a confirmation packet that includes a contract and resources to make the most of my appearance.

Thank you for your interest!