Shout Out to School Street School!!!

School Street School visitI recently was invited to spend a day with the children at School Street School in Rochester, NH. I had a fantastic day talking to them about writing and illustrating children's picture books, and hopefully, inspired a few to follow their own dreams. The kids were fun, excited, engaging, and well . . . rockin'! Don't let this charming little schoolhouse (reminiscent of my own parochial grammar school sans nuns and asbestos pipes) fool you. There is some serious education going on here (and kudos to the teachers and administration for making their AYP!!!!) Here I am holding the original art for the cover of my book, Carrot in My Pocket, written by Kitson Flynn. In the background you can see a slide of all the heads I created throughout the book that were rejected. There's a funny story there but suffice it to say that since my four-year-old son was my model, I couldn't throw them out.

School Street School visit

And while I can only speculate on my inspirational value, I was definitely inspired by one young student who presented me with an illustration that she made just for me. Here she is pictured with her sister. Thank you so much!!!

Illustration Friday - Zoom!

Illustration Friday — Tree