TV or Bust?

We're taking the family on the road and leaving tonight (tomorrow morning actually) for Taunton, MA for the 2nd annual Taunton Swim-In. What is a Swim-In you ask? It's where Amphicar lovers converge on an unsuspecting lakeside community and invade their waters with our bobbing cars. Great fun!

And this year, Good Morning America promises to be filming during the weather reports tomorrow (Thursday) morning. If you keep a sharp eye out, you may see my husband's car splashing in. It's baby blue (lagoon blue to amphicar aficionados) but there may be other baby blue cars so . . . .

If hope to blog all weekend, technology willing. Other activities will include a spin to Cape Cod, a car show, a pig roast and spectacular fireworks over the lake. If you want more amphi-information, go to my son's website at

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