My Day at the Farm Museum

Yesterday I had a reading and signing at the NH Farm Museum, which was great fun. It was part of their Children's Day and the weather was beautiful. I had tons of people show up for the reading in the barn and we had to get more chairs. A good problem, no? I didn't take the time for the whole museum tour (mostly because my family went boating for the day without me and I was missing them) but what I saw was great. They had buttermaking, cheesemaking, basket making, a blacksmith, and many interactive things for kids to play with—a cornmeal grinder, and old-fashioned washing machine (snicker), a tool sharpener, weaving loom, etc.

My favorite things there were the chickens running around everywhere and the mules pulling the hay ride. Also watching the sack race, and the kids trying to get those wooden hoops to roll. Hilarious! A great place to bring the kiddos!

Hey, Elm Street School! I want to give a shout out to the students at Elm Street School. I visited them just before the end of the year, and I have to say, they were the greatest group of kids I have had the pleasure of presenting to. They were great fun and full of good questions. Actually, I am partial to the fourth graders there as I had presented to them the week before at the Belknap Mill Hosiery Mill program. Here I am showing them the original jacket art from Carrot in My Pocket.
Here I am showing them the cover. (Note to self: don't wear beigey clothes if you want good pictures.)

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