Where Do You Live? Day 4

Laconia Public Library One of my favorite places is the Laconia Public Library. Shouldn't everyone's library look like this? I think so. The children's librarian, Gail Drucker, is the president of the Denise Ortakales Fan Club. Of course, she's the ONLY member but . . . hey . . . say hi to her if you visit. The library was built in 1903 in the Romanesque Revival Style. They say that there's a ghost that lives there, a former patron that hadn't returned his library books before he died. Now he is doomed to return them for eternity. Bwaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Oh, yes, I have original art work from some of my books displayed there, too! In the children's section, of course.

Laconia Public Library This amazing aerial shot was taken by Bill Hemmel of Lakes Region Aerial Photo. It shows the new addition which is in back and around the corner from the previous photo. I think the new addition looks pretty nice. Much better than the freakish 1960s box that used to be there. See that roundish thing in the back? It's the fountain where my husband and I had our photos taken the day of our wedding. Awwwww!

Where Do You Live? Day 5

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