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  CAT FINALLY HAS NAME AFTER SIX WEEKS I am happy to report that the cat finally has a name. I had to put my foot down and make an executive decision because nobody was agreeing on anything. It was quite embarassing bringing her in for her shots and boosters, each time being asked if she had a name yet. Then I realized that if she was a baby, her name would not be put up to a vote, my husband and I would decide. Since he doesn't want to have anything to do with the cat, I decided on my own. Besides I'm the one who cleans the litterbox which is enough justification for me! So let me introduce you to PEACHES! Yeah Peaches! Go Kitty! Go Kitty! Now, if only I could remember to call her that!

A big thank you to those of you that offered suggestions. You did better than my stuborn children.

NEW TEACHING POSITION I have joined Chester College as an adjunct faculty member. I'll be teaching Illustraiton 1 for the fall semester. Chester is a small arts college a little over an hours drive from me. I'm not certain if my vic . . . er . . . students will be minty freshmen or seasoned sophmores, but I'm looking forward to whipping them in shape! Crack!!!

FUN FAMILY REUNION We hosted a reunion of sorts for my husbands family at the end of June. A few of the nieces and nephews were missing but his parents and 5 brothers and sisters were there. Some of them were from California, Washington and Alabama. It was a great day and best of all, no one got food poisoning!

IT'S GOOD TO HAVE FRIENDS I have a lot of talented friends and two fo them deserve mention. First, Jennifer Kramer won the "Most Horrid Query Letter" contest (which I think is like a back-handed compliment of sorts, but I'm proud of Jen any way!). And Kate Tuthill was the non-fiction first place winner in the Smartwriters' WIN contest for her manuscript HERO OF NACOZARI! Way to go Kate and Jen! I have many other talented friends that I will plug another day.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND Okay, I don't actually read in bed. Usually I'm on the couch. But here's what I've read recently.

HOOT by Carl Hiaasen. Really liked the characters in this one.

STAND TALL by Joan Bauer. Liked this one as well though I kept wondering what the problem of the story was. He was too tall? His parents were divorced? Also, there were way too many incomplete sentences. Now I'm not the grammar police, and normally incomplete sentences don't bother me, but there were too many IMHO. Even still I liked the book, though I can't tell you why. Best line in the whole book—One man sows, another reaps. Now you'll have to read the book to find out why.

BRINGING UP THE BONES by Lara M. Zeises. I liked this book except for the end. (Don't want to give it away.) The MC ends up a stronger person in the end. But since I'm a hopeless romantic, I would have prefered a different ending. That's all I'm saying.

SHADOW OF A BULL by Maia Wojciecchowska. I've been trying to read most of the Newbery Award books, but I've discovered that some of the older books don't stand the test of time. Styles and tastes have changed since this book won in 1965. The first half was sluggish. Many scenes seemed contrived in order to dish out backstory about the MC's father. The conflict was clear through out, and the MC solved it nicely. It's just a shame you have to trudge through the other stuff first.

Next up is THE VIEW FROM SATURDAY, by E.L. Konigsburg. Stay Tuned!

A Surprise Anniversary Party!!!!

My new Muse!!!!